Financial advice for SMEs – 2017 round-up

Financial advice for SMEs – 2017 round-up

In this last post before Christmas, I thought it might be helpful to take a look back over the posts I’ve published during the course of 2017.

I really enjoy my work as a Portfolio Finance Director and sharing my knowledge in order to help businesses improve their money matters is all part of the service – so here are some top picks from this year’s articles.

I’ve selected those that have good generic information that most SMEs would find helpful. A little light reading for over the Christmas break to help you prepare for an even more successful New Year!

Top financial management articles for SMEs

  1. Benefits of outsourcing your financial management – need some expert help with your finances but require flexible support rather than an additional salary burden? Outsourcing could be the answer – explore the potential benefits to your business here.
  2. What makes Xero so good? – a fantastic and highly recommended accounts management tool, Xero makes great sense for most SMEs, so here are my 5 favourite features of the system and their benefits to help you decide if it’s the software for you.
  3. Different flavours of accountancy – not sure what kind of accountant is best suited to your needs? Then this quick guide is essential reading.
  4. 5 ways to improve your financial efficiency – wondering how to save time and work smarter when it comes to your accounting and financial activities? Here are 5 tips to help you.
  5. 5 ways a financial director can boost your business – is a financial director really worth the investment? It may be reasonable to expect a big ‘yes’ from me with this one, but here are 5 tangible truths to back me up!
  6. 5 ways a financial training course can boost your business – having a good, base level of knowledge is essential if you want to get the best from your business finances, so here are some key reasons it may pay to attend a training course.
  7. 7 tips to reduce your cost base – reducing overheads and getting more for your money is - or should be - a priority for any business. Here are some ideas to help you minimise your expenditures for a healthier bottom line.
  8. A quick guide to building your finance team – what does an effective finance team look like? Well, ultimately it depends on your stage of growth, but here’s some guidance on different departmental roles – from the basics, to the highest level – and when you may need to bring these experts into the fold.
  9. Budget for success in 2018 – one of your primary financial tasks for the New Year should be to get a handle on your budget – follow this quick and easy guide so you’re prepared for the 12 months ahead.
  10. 3 ways to improve your financial management in 2018 – there’s always room for improvement, so here are my top 3 suggestions to help you accelerate your financial effectiveness in the coming year.

The ideas and guidance in the blogs above are ‘evergreen’ – so even if they don’t all seem important or relevant right now, why not keep this post bookmarked so you have instant access to a wealth of free financial management advice whenever you need it?

Thanks for all your interest and support this year – have a great Christmas and wishing you all even greater success in 2018!

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