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3 ways to improve your financial management in 2018

If one of your business New Year’s resolutions is to improve your financial management, then it’s time to start thinking about exactly how you’re going to achieve it. However well organised or thorough you may be, there’s always room to refine processes for better results – and starting 2018 as you mean to go on could leave you with even more positive outcomes to reflect on this time next year. For many SMEs, the key to improving financial management in their organisation is all about having the right systems and the ability to accurately analyse the figures. Here are my tips for things you could do differently – or better – next year...

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Budgeting to set up for success in 2018

s we approach the end of the year (where does the time go?!) it’s a great time to start planning your business budget ready for the next one. Setting up a budgeting process allows you to keep an eye on your finances, set your annual objectives and understand your current and future financial commitments – all essentials for any SME.

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A few tips for building an effective finance team

When your business is first starting out, accounting tasks may initially be conducted by your core staff, with managers or even general office staff taking the reins of your day-to-day financial responsibilities. However, as your business grows and your accounts get more complicated, you’ll soon find that you need to employ skilled staff to deal with these matters – but where do you start?

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Reducing business overheads to improve financial performance

While providing a good service and becoming an established leader in your field are common objectives for many SMEs, it’s fair to say that we’re all driven by a desire to succeed in terms of financial stability and growth too.

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5 ways a freelance finance director can add value to your SME

You may not have considered hiring a financial director, or perhaps you have, but decided that you can’t justify the additional outlay until your business reaches a certain size. However, as with any business decision it’s a question of balance, and when you weigh up the cost of a financial director versus the tangible benefits they can bring your SME, it might make you reconsider your position.

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The chase is on

To continue with the theme of reviewing some of the apps that integrate with cloud accounting systems I’m reviewing some of the debtor management software that is available.

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A rush towards the exit

Well what a few days it has been in the UK. I’m not in any way going to tackle anything remotely political with regards to Brexit and all of the subsequent debate here.

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