Offline + The cloud A winning combination

Last week I shared some views in an article in the business section of the Daily Telegraph 

The piece was looking at ways smaller businesses can use offline strategies to help manage their finances as well as online. As I have blogged about on many occasions I am a huge fan of a lot of the advancements in accounting systems in "the cloud" and the associated apps that help manage everything from taking payments to CRM system integration.

However, my contribution to the article was designed to prompt some thought on where an offline strategy can support the use of those systems - fundamentally based on the old adage that people deal with people. So my suggestion is that you use the online systems to speed up / automate / streamline your processes but to let that have maximum effect don't lose sight of the power that a personal relationship can have. The personal relationships are particularly relevant when it comes to getting paid - so often such a strain on smaller businesses.

If you want to discuss the power of a joined up online & offline strategy then please do get in touch.

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